How to Take Care of a Baby Boy

How to Take Care of a Baby Boy? Is it different to take care of a boy and a girl? As a parent, you need to know how to take care of babies of both genders. Should different genders be raised differently?

Yes, the raising of a boy is different from that of a girl. This article will cover the raising of a baby boy, so if you have no idea of how a baby boy should be raised at the end of this session you will be full of knowledge about it.

Importance of Taking Care of a Baby Boy

How to Take Care of a Baby Boy the first is how to keep your Newborn baby happy one of the simplest ways is to swaddle them. New-born babies have immature nervous systems and strong reflexes that make them flail their arms and kick their legs pretty much all the time. The best way to help control these movements is to swaddle them.

Often is a general rule for a happy baby is to swaddle them anytime they are eating or sleeping and for very tiny babies. That means the majority of their day will be spent bundled up in a swaddle the easiest way to swaddle with a blanket is like this bold down a corner of your swaddle and lay your baby.

Newborn baby care in first month

A newborn baby after delivery and from the nursery is allowed to go home. In this section, as a mum, you will get some tips on how to handle your baby while you are at home with the baby. Once you carry your baby home, a lot of attention is needed to ensure that the baby is safe and comfortable every time. How to Take Care of a Baby Boy?

These tips below are going to help you take care of your baby responsibly- 

  • Bonding – during this time when the mom needs to grow her bond with the baby—the skin-to-skin contact during breastfeeding. 
  • Never shake your newborn baby since this can lead to bleeding in baby’s brain if you need to wake him blow softly on the cheek instead of shaking. You can also tickle her feet to wake him. 
  • While handling the newborn baby, the mom should use clean hands always. Because the baby is so sensitive to infections, and also their immune is not that strong, so we need to maintain the hygiene of the highest degree for the baby. 
  • Bathing the baby is also a sensitive area. Because while washing the baby, you need to do it lightly and softly, and not frequently, this is due to the umbilical needs being clean to avoid infections. It is advisable to wipe the baby at most 3 to 4 times a week to avoid infections. 
  • Feeding your newborn baby is a crucial part in case, if the baby burps you should have the idea of how to handle such situation. 
  • It is not advisable to throw the baby up even if you are playing with him. You should always be sure that the baby is so fragile and avoid some activities, this can harmful for your baby. 
  • You should always lie the baby with his back, not the stomach; this is because the child might not be able to breathe well if he sleeps with his face down. 
  • During the first month, the other thing for a baby you should monitor the temperature inside your room. If the room temperature is stable, one should avoid excess wrapping up to avoid overheating of the baby. 

Newborn Baby Care Basics
  • Ensure to get help after birth from the experts.
  • Handle a newborn baby effectively through: washing your hands regularly to protect him from infections, support its head and neck when holding,
  • avoid shaking the infant during playtime or when frustrated because it can cause the brain to bleed which can be cause death to the infant, also know that the infant is not ready for a rough play because they are very fragile, so please avoid these things.
  • Bonding and soothing between the baby and the parent are very important. The closeness of the two is compulsory since there will be an emotional connection between them, which is achieved through feeding, breastfeeding, and cradling. For premature infants, massaging them helps in bonding the growth and development.
  • All about diapering: please ensure you are ignorant of how to do it. Observe the infant when in diapers because of rashes and be able to know how to prevent it.
  • Bathing basics: sponge bath the infant until the umbilical cord falls off, and the navel heals fully, which can take 1-4 weeks. And if circumcision is done, the infant heals for about 1-2 weeks. Tub baths 2-3 times a week in the first year is fine for your baby.

Some tips for new moms
  • For a mom, you need to be healthy for a newborn baby. After delivery, mom is very much exhausted, and some can get so weak. This part is where the father needs to offer moral support and help the mother to take care of the baby. 
  • Here the father needs to know how to change the baby’s diapers and even carry it when the mother is resting.
  • The father also needs to provide nutritious food to the mom to make her healthy since she is breastfeeding. She needs to be keen to regain all the energy lost during delivery and this will also affect baby’s health. 

Taking care after Birth

Once the baby is delivered, the nurses take the newborn baby out and clamp the umbilical cord to disconnect the baby from the mother. 

At this time, the mother is allowed to take see her baby, and those who are in stable conditions can be allowed to breastfeed the baby after she is wiped.

The baby is taken to the nursery room, where an assessment is carried between 1-5 minutes after delivery. The healthcare officials and nurses do this test to evaluate some signs and give a specific point of value to all important signs. These signs include; 

  • Activity
  • muscle tone
  • Pulse rate
  • Grimace
  • reflex irritability
  • Appearance. That is skin color. At that point, they check any signs of jaundice. 
  • Jaundice that appears in the 1st 24 hours is different from after 24 hours. 
  • Respiration. 

After these tests, the recordings are taken to a scale which is given below to confirm the state of the baby to verify if he is in stable condition or not. 

  • Scale 7/10 – normal
  • 4-6/10 – in this case, the baby needs some rescue breathing measures and careful monitoring. 
  • 3/10 and below-at this point, the baby is a danger and needs rescue breathing together with life-saving techniques. 

After confirming that the baby is stable, a physical test is now taken to check the baby’s state. In this test, the nurses check on the following-

  • Weight
  • length
  • head circumference

After this test, the underweight and overweight babies are given special attention and concern to stabilize their conditions. 

Measuring temperature, heartbeat rate, and respiration rate. These are some essential properties and need acute observations. 

Nurses also clean the umbilical cord, and they will keep checking on it to avoid any infection.

The footprints of the child are also taken and recorded. How to Take Care of a Baby Boy?

The baby is given some antibiotics eye drops to prevent any eye contamination from the bacteria present in the birth canal. 

Before the baby leaves the delivery area, and ID bracelets match the mother and baby numbers. 

If the mom took a C-section, the baby needs some extra attendance.

Here, the child needs an extra suctioning of the throat, mouth, and nose; this is for those babies who have trouble clearing some of the lung fluid and mucus.

After all these, the baby is wrapped warmly to adjust the temperature and avoid the cold in the new world. After this, the mother is allowed to see her baby, and after she has seen the baby, nurses take the baby and undergo the assessments at the nursery. 

In case the baby is found to be having any problem, they are taken to the Neonatal intensive care unit for exceptional care and treatment. 

How can I bond with my newborn baby boy?
  • Touch and cuddle your baby on a regular basis.
  • When someone is crying, you should react….
  • Keep your baby in your arms…
  • Let your baby feel healthy in terms of his or her physical well-being.
  • As much as you can, speak to your baby in calming, reassuring voices.
  • Speak, sing, and make facial expressions when looking into your baby’s eyes.

How to Take Care of a Baby Boy? There are lots of great videos on YouTube that shows how to do infant massage, this practice not only helps you to bond with your baby it can also reduce colic and improve your baby sleep so I can’t really recommend it enough and getting that onesie up in over your baby’s head isn’t as hard as you think all you need to do is simply bunch up the neck like this and said it underneath your child.

How do you wipe a newborn baby boy?

Wipe your baby with the front part of the diaper, to avoid a urinary tract infection, always clean from front to back. Then clean your baby with a mild wipe or wet washcloth, wiping from front to back.

Change of scenery can really help them to settle quickly and take note if your baby is sneezing it doesn’t mean they have a cold it’s actually a sign that they could be tired or overstimulated.

So take that as a message that it’s time to swallow them and move them into a more calm environment. Most babies love the sound of white noise a heartbeat or even a hairdryer as they mimic the loud whooshing sounds of the inside of the womb if your child is hard to settle white noise can be the answer.

Also, keep in mind that babies sleep a lot so to avoid getting overtired or overstimulated new-born should not be kept awake for more than an hour at a time. How to Take Care of a Baby Boy?

What to Expect With a newborn

Circumcising the child

lt is not necessary that it should be done immediately after birth, some parents prefer it to be done to their little boy at birth. If this is the case, proper consultation should be done by the parents before undertaking this action. Start your preparation during the postnatal period and have with you all the requirements.

Leaking diapers

You might think that you bought the wrong diaper or the diaper is leaking, but this is not the case. For boys, diaper leakage might occur from time to time if the mom is not careful while diapering the baby.

You should note that while diapering the child in the position of the penis, make sure it is pointing downwards to avoid sprinkling urine outside the diaper and avoid leaking.


This is normal for small baby boys, most especially in the morning time. Parents should not worry about this for it is the same as compared to a small girl having bloody discharge from the vagina.

Playing with his fire hose

Baby boy will try to grab his penis mostly when showering, and when you are diapering your baby, you will find out that the baby is trying to hold his penis.

Clothes selections

There is no variety of boys’ clothes compared to girls, and you can search until you get tired and still can’t decide. However, when the baby is little, you can also buy those clothes for both genders.

Easy to choose between what clothes to wear

The fact that boys’ clothing is not complicated, therefore, easier to dress them. This is because you need a t-shirt, trousers, and shoes and not much more than girls. 

Babies cap

New-born baby boys usually have less hair on their heads; therefore, this can make them feel cold during the cold seasons. However, the best cap is the beanies, for they are very warm and will prevent the baby boy from feeling cold.

Maintaining your baby hair

Boys’ hair requires less care and less maintenance compared to girls’ hair. All you have to do is wash and then comb, and you are done. However, you can also decide to be trimming them regularly; therefore, no extra work.

Affection For Mother

They have that affection for their mother.

To a baby boy, the mother will always be the most favorite person and the closest friend. A boy will always cling to his mom and also cares a lot. 

They are also very rough

More often, you will find small boys fighting or even playing in dangerous places without caring. This is so to a small baby, and they will always get gram what belongs to them and through their legs trying to fight. However, this should not raise a lot of concern because it will help them learn by themselves.

Easy to raise a baby boy

Girls are full of attitudes and very emotional; unlike boys, they try to take things easy. Boys tend to learn their hardware, and they don’t call their mother to help. 

Favorable baby clothes

Baby boy‘s clothes are so adorable. You find that this clothing is free and helps the baby to play freely. There are also windbreakers for a small boy, and they are very amazing.

You will get to Play Rough

All kids love playing rough, but generally, little boys love it more. You will find yourself wrestling, chasing, and chucking around your son most afternoons. You’ll run around after to make sure he’s expelled all of his energy before bedtime.

They tend to be soft sometimes

Although they are very rough while playing but sometimes the same soft stories and cry for small things, a baby also likes lullabies, and when he grows, he will wake up and tell you how much he loves and cares for his family. How to Take Care of a Baby Boy?

He will learn how to grow to be a good man

This one depends on how the mother will teach him. Baby boys always learn from their father’s responsibility of being a responsible man; however, the mother also plays an important role. Teach him how to take care of his siblings, and it all starts from there.

They know how to relate to others

Boys will always play together, and they might fight too, but they will tend to forget so easily about what happened and solve their problems easily. Unlike girls, boys will not cry that much due to a fall on the ground.

A different relationship with dads 

Much has been talked about the relationships with mothers forgetting about dads. A baby boy and dad usually have very common likes and dislikes, just something unique about them. This relationship grows to be very strong, and it is fine.

In conclusion, raising a boy child requires you to be an expert, you are now an expert in raising your baby boy. In case you need clarification do not hesitate to ask in the comments section.

Q&A Related to new born baby boy:-

How do I know if my baby is happy?

When your baby conforms her body to your arms and doesn’t arch her back, it’s a sign that he’s comfortable. At this age, he’s happy when you meet his basic needs: You respond to his cries, feed him, change his diapers, and lull him to sleep.

Do you need to wipe the baby after peeing?

No. Even with a baby girl, you don’t need to worry. This is because urine doesn’t normally irritate the skin and most nappies easily absorb it anyway. How to Take Care of a Baby Boy?

How do you clean a baby’s butt?

To clean a baby’s butt hold the baby down firmly with one hand and wash the bottom in a basin of lukewarm water (38-40℃). Dry the bottom thoroughly with a bath towel. * For babies who cry when lying down, it’s fine to use the shower instead. However, be careful that the baby doesn’t fall.

What are the signs of an unhealthy child?

A sick child may:

  • be fretful or listless,
  • or irritable when disturbed.
  • cry readily and not be easily comforted.
  • lose interest in playing or is unusually quiet and inactive.
  • be unusually quiet and inactive.
  • not want to eat.
  • feel hot to touch.
  • look tired and flushed or pale.
  • complain of feeling cold.

Can my baby smell me?

Newborn babies have a highly developed sense of smell. Though even your baby can’t yet recognize you by sight, he’ll know you by your natural scent, and that’s what he’ll most want to smell. He’ll also be drawn to the scent of your breast milk. These smells are connected to his basic needs for comfort and food.

What should you not buy for a baby?

  • Bedding sets
  • Sleep positioners
  • Bubble bath
  • Used car seats
  • Drop-side cribs
  • Used breast pumps
  • Clip-on chairs
  • Expensive outfits
  • A big stroller
  • Pre-natal educational systems

What clothes to buy before the baby is born?

The baby’s first clothes should be comfortable, soft, safe, and made from natural fabrics. Don’t buy too many clothes because newborns grow and gain weight fast. -Onesies (both long- and short-sleeved): 6 pcs. Sleepsuits: 3–5 pcs. How to Take Care of a Baby Boy?

Why do babies smile while they sleep?

Many researchers note that babies may twitch or smile in their sleep during active sleep. When babies go through this type of sleep, their bodies can make involuntary movements. These involuntary movements might contribute to smiles and laughter from babies during this time.

What are the 5 advantages of breastfeeding?

  • Breastmilk is the best milk for newborn baby.
  • boosts the baby’s immune system.
  • balances the baby’s belly.
  • Breastmilk is easily digestible.
  • Breastfeeding benefits mom, too!


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